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DI Games is a reviewing site that showcases the best and the worst browser games on the internet.

About DI GamesEdit

DI games features pages about games, game makers, game uploader, and game providers. The games will feature a review, community reviews,an age rating, a 5 star JOE rating system rating, community ratings with an average, a one-word summary, community one-word summaries, a requirements table, and a game provider list. The Game Providers will disscuss the overall site, the game quality, the achievment system, the history, a games list of what we reviewed and haven't reviewed, the extra features, and if they make games of their own. Game Uploaders will talk about the popluarity gained or lost, the upload times, and the rewards of uploading. The game makers will be aboust history, games they made, and thier liability.

5 star JOE rating systemEdit

This system is simular yet different to the 5 star movie rating system. 5 = So good that the problems don't matter, 3 = good enough to waste your time properly, 1 = should be burned it your fireplace. Stamps will be given to certain games & pages through out the site to show how well or how horrible they are doing.

Joining The StaffEdit

In order to join the staff you must have 10 good quality reviews(doesn't matter if trying to be funny), and a Recommendation Letter(You get those from Reasonable to No Bias, HighIntellegence, or Fabulous Humour, atleast one those has to be seen by Staff Member while he/she are doing a routine check up on the disscusions). I and the Staff Reviews have to follow a certain template of reviewing and page contruction for the purposes of user-friendliness(Yes that is a word)(You get the templates). Only use Staff Member Talk Pages if you spoted a bug, mistype, irrocect statement, or new info about the game in the pages.

Benifets of the StaffEdit

Staff Members are allowed to edit and add main articles so their opinions can be heard louder than a community member. Staff Members are allowed to enforce the rules on community members Staff Members are given an advatage in the reviewing world by getting experience from here

Community ReviewersEdit

If you want to review as a normal person then go to the disscusion page of the article(founded in the top corner of each page), edit the page, go to the bottom of the page, type in the date and username, type up your review(limit 1-5 paragraphs), give stars to represent how must you like it (Remember 5 star JOE rating system)(Decimals allowed), and lastly a one word description.


  1. No spamming(The Art of Replicating a mesage mulpitple times on one page or multiple pages)
  2. No editing or adding Articles unless your a Staff member
  3. You can only add infomation & reviews to the Disscusion
    1. You may remove and/or edit only your items that you added
  4. No cyber bulling (I'm to young to get sued)
  5. Swearing is allowed Mature Age Rated games
    1. Mild swearing in Teen Age Rated games are fine as well
  • Rules may be added later if new offenses or loop holes are found

Violation of any those rules will result in elimination from becoming a Staff Member for your fisrt offense. If Mulpitple Offense are found your be give the stemp of shame and will be not allowed to type in the disscusions.

Latest activityEdit

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